‘The Royal Rabbits of London is a sweet, funny and beautifully
illustrated book about the adventures of cute bunny Shylo’
The Times

‘An enchanting tale of a band of bunnies whose job it is to protect the Queen’
Good Housekeeping

‘Kate Hindley’s illustrations are a treat’
The Lady


‘The news that a film adaptation is in the works is very welcome’
Irish Times

‘Beautifully illustrated, the plot is packed with fun, fantasy and the sort of adventure guaranteed to have sticky little fingers hungrily turning the pages’
The Mail on Sunday

‘The most beautiful children’s book that I have seen this year’
A Mum Reviews


‘Shylo is the James Bond of the rabbit world!’
Constance, age 9,
Times Educational Supplement

‘An amazing book full of action that intrigued me and kept me wanting to read every word’
Josh Parcell, age 9,

‘I read it very quickly and knew it was going to be awesome after the first chapter’
Matthew Stokes, age 9,