Meet the cast


Shylo is the (unlikely) little hero of the story! A scrawny, shy rabbit, Shylo is the runt of his litter and constantly teased by his siblings. He wears a red eyepatch to correct his squint!


Horatio lives in a deep, dark burrow at the edge of a forest and is a close friend of Shylo. An elderly and grizzled rabbit with a mysterious past, a stump is all that remains of his hind left paw…

Catchphrase: ‘By will and by luck, with a moist carrot, a wet nose and a slice of mad courage’


Nelson is the Generalissimo of the Royal Rabbits – wise and honest. His whiskers are white and his fur is short, prickly and grey. He carries a baton topped with a silver rabbit’s head.

Catchphrase: ‘You’re braver than you know’

Captain Laser

Chocolate coloured with spiky hair and gleaming blue eyes, Captain Laser has the American flag tattooed on her arms. Her hips are loaded with ropes, knives and a large black whip. Efficient and brave, but she can be impatient!

Catchphrase: ‘Don’t just talk the talk, you gotta walk the walk’


Zeno is Marshal of the Thumpers (Special Forces commando rabbits). Incredibly strong, Zeno’s fur is shaved and his muscles gleam and ripple as he walks. He speaks with a Jamaican accent!

Catchphrase: ‘Monsters!’

Belle de Paw

Belle de Paw is curvaceous and beautiful, decked in jewels, with coffee-coloured eyes and very pale brown fur. Doe of the Dressing Table, she is responsible for the security of the Queen’s bedroom.

Catchphrase: ‘I cannot exist without mes diamants’




Groom of the Tail, Clooney is sleek, suave and handsome – with short grey hair and long, black-tipped ears. He wears a dashing tuxedo but he does tend to find himself easily distracted, by his own reflection…

Catchphrase: ‘I’m sooooo handsome’

(Sharp-Tooth Bushy-Tail)

The most debonair, the most lustrous fox in the Fox Club, with an extravagantly bushy tail and magnificent whiskers. On his wrist he wears silver cufflinks and on his paw a silver ring.

Red Velvet

A slight, wiry vixen who wears a scarlet tracksuit. As swift as the wind and as nimble as an acrobat, she pads the streets the night as if she rules the city.


A Jack Rabbit with a clipped Boston accent. Hunter is a ROTUS (Rabbit of the United States). He is a big red buck with scar running down the side of his face. He wears wrap-around sunglasses..


A fellow ROTUS, Lola is a super glossy, light brown doe who wears wrap-around sunglasses and a sharp suit.


Squat and flabby with a round belly and pale, watery eyes, hidden behind a pair of thick glasses. Tends to twitch nervously, in his food-stained pinstripe suit.