The Royal Rabbits of London!

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The Royal Rabbits return for another
great adventure!

Now that Shylo is a Royal Rabbit, his life is full of adventure and new friends, but he still misses his mother and family. So he jumps at the chance to visit his home warren!

As soon as Shylo arrives he finds something strange and dark going on. A mysterious bunny called Harlequin is on the farm, attracting many followers with his crazy singing and loopy dancing. But Harlequin is also digging for the Golden Carrot, which, says an ancient legend, will give him power over over all humans and animals. Harlequin believes it’s buried somewhere on the farm. Then as more followers flock to the warren, Shylo wonders if the hunt for the Golden Carrot is a fun game or if Harlequin is plotting world domination…

And when the quest turns deadly, Shylo calls in the Royal Rabbits. Can they stop power-mad Harlequin? And who will find the Carrot first?



Shylo gazed up at the stars twinkling in the satin sky. He wished that he was
clever and brave like the secret society of rabbits who had
once lived beneath Buckingham Palace and protected the Royal Family
of England from danger.
He dreamed of a life of adventure…